Administration Division

The Administration Division has the responsibility of developing, implementing and enforcing policies and procedures of the organization that will improve its overall operation performance and effectiveness.

Staff of the Administration Division

The Administration Division is headed by the Head Administration. He is assisted by a Deputy Secretary and three Assistant Secretaries, with an office Superintendent handling transport, logistical and day to day matters.

TEC Board

The TEC Board is primarily responsible for policy formulation, strategic directives and ensures that the TEC is operating within the policy guidelines. It meets as and when required, normally once every month. The Administration Division provides secretarial support to the TEC Board and its Sub-committees. It ensures that all information required by the Board for decision-making are circulated to Board Members prior to Board Meetings. Minutes of Proceedings of these Meetings are prepared. Decisions of the Meetings are disseminated to all other Divisions for implementation through debriefing sessions and through extracts of approved minutes of Proceedings

Human Resource

The Administration Division is responsible with matters pertaining to Human Resources as follows:-

  1. It provides advice and assistance on all human resource policies and related matters;
  2. It ensure that human resource policies, rules, regulations and procedures are correctly; and consistently applied so that all employees are treated fairly and equitably;
  3. It supervise and provide guidance to subordinate staff;
  4. It assist in the determination of human resource needs in terms of number and levels of responsibility through proper planning and forecasting and to prepare budget proposals;
  5. drafts & prepare schemes of service;
  6. Identify training needs & monitoring of courses to review staffing requirements

The Tertiary Education Commission has a centralised registry which is managed by the Registry e-filing system. The basic goal of the registry is to provide central support to the whole organisation and to facilitate the efficient and effective administration by ensuring the protection, accessibility and retrieval of records. The Registry e-filing system manages all the movements of files, keeps record of incomings and outgoings. The Registry's responsibilities also include the despatch of letters pertaining to all division and board papers.


Procurement is an essential activity which enables an organisation to achieve its objectives. The Administration Division is responsible for procurement exercises and ensures that these are carried out as per the Public Procurement Act and relevant regulations in Mauritius.

Event Management

As part of its mandate, the Administration Division organises events like seminars, workshops and conferences. It also provides Logistic and supplementary supports to other Divisions organising events like International Monitoring Committees and Quality Audits.

Central On-line Library

The Administration Division has also the responsibility to monitor and manage the TEC central on-line library which was launched in 2010. The TEC central on-line library was created in a bid to strengthen teaching & learning and research in the tertiary education sector of the country. The publicly funded tertiary educational institutions have access to Emerald and EBSCO, whilst, access to Science Direct is possible at the University of Mauritius. Access to EBSCO has recently been extended to all public bodies and private postsecondary educational institutions registered with the TEC respectively in Mauritius (Including Rodrigues).