Centre for Instrumentation Services (CIS)

The Centre for Instrumentation Services (CIS) was formally established in 1996. It has as objectives to :

The institutions in the higher education sector which are currently benefiting from the services of the CIS are:

Institution Field
Tertiary Education Commission Information Technology
Mahatma Gandhi Institute (including 6 MGSS schools)
University of Mauritius Instrumentation

In view of the good performance of the CIS, other institutions outside the tertiary education sector have solicited the services of the Centre. After careful consideration, the TEC Board has agreed to their requests and the services of the CIS were extended to them. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the TEC and each of these institutions :

Institution Field
Agricultural Research Extension Unit, (AREU) Information Technology & Instrumentation
Forensic Science Laboratory, (FSL)
Mauritius Qualifications Authority, (MQA) Information Technology

Under special circumstances, assistance was also given to National Environmental Laboratory (NEL) and Police de L'Environment (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development). In these cases, interventions were performed on sophisticated scientific laboratory equipment which could not be repaired locally.

Functions of the CIS

The functions of the CIS are inter alia as follows: