Courses and Programmes

Programme Institution Field Level Awarding Body Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry
1 Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Finance) Charles Telfair Company Ltd Trading as Curtin Mauritius Banking / Finance Degree Curtin University of Technology, Australia Full Accreditation 31 Jan 2021
2 BSc(Hons) Banking and Investment UOM Trust Banking / Finance Degree (Hons) University of Mauritius Full Accreditation 30 Jun 2022
3 BTS Banque- Conseiller Clientele MCCI Business School Ltd Management and Banking Diploma L'Academie de La Reunion, Reunion Full Accreditation 31 May 2020
4 MSc Banking and Finance Rushmore Ltd Management and Banking Masters The London Institute of Banking & Finance, UK Provisional Accreditation 31 Mar 2020