DBA Scholarships

The Higher Education Commission annually awards a number of scholarships to bright postgraduate students to undertake research at Doctoral of Business Administration (DBA) on a part time basis at the Open University of Mauritius and any local publicly-funded universities.

Eligibility Criteria for DBA Scholarships (Part time)

Applicants must:

  1. hold a Master's qualification in a related area;
  2. submit evidence of substantial management or professional work experience;
  3. show evidence of having secured a seat at a local publicly-funded university;
  4. submit a research proposal.

The awardee will sign a Bond with HEC along with a Surety throughout the duration of the Scholarship.

  1. The Scholarship covers an annual tuition fee up to a maximum of Rs 50,000.
  2. Tuition fee is credited to the bank account of awardees.
  3. For payment of annual tuition fee, the awardee must submit an annual progress report of his/her DBA research certified by his/her supervisor(s).
  1. For interruption of studies, the recommendation of the University is required.
  2. If for any reason whatsoever the awardee decides to interrupt, terminate, exit or modify the programme of studies before the expiry of the bond, for reasons not acceptable to the HEC, he/she will pay back to the HEC the whole amount received in respect of the Scholarship together with a 5% interest on the amount cashed, within one year from the date of notification.

The completion date of the Scholarship will be taken to be the date of submission of the DBA thesis or the expiration of the Bond, whichever is earlier.

Publications and Dissemination of Research Findings

DBA Scholarship awardees are expected to publish two research papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals during their scholarships. Copies of the research publications should be submitted to the HEC, as evidence.

All DBA Scholarship awardees are:

  1. encouraged to present his/her DBA research (poster or oral) at the National Research Week and the National Competition on PhD Presentation organised annually by HEC.
  2. required to submit a soft copy of their dissertation to the HEC after completing their studies, within one month of the final correction of their thesis.
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