TEC Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

The Tertiary Education Commission makes provision annually for 2 Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (subject to availability of funds) on a full time basis tenable at any local publicly-funded university.

Eligibility Criteria for TEC Postdoctoral Fellowships (full time)

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold a doctoral degree from a recognised institution.
  2. Show evidence of having secured a seat at a local publicly-funded university (UoM, UTM or UdM).
  3. Submit a research proposal.

The monthly stipend of TEC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship has been revised as from August 2018 from Rs 27,750 to the following:

Procedures for Disbursement of Stipend to TEC-funded postdoctoral research fellowship student

The TEC-Funded full-time postdoctoral research student is required to submit a monthly progress report to the TEC through the supervisor to provide evidence of progress.

Duration of full time Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

A successful applicant is granted a maximum of two years to complete the Postdoctoral Research.


At the end of two years of Postdoctoral Research, the awardee is required to submit a full report of the Postdoctoral Research, acknowledging that he/she was sponsored by TEC. The report should be vetted and certified by his/her supervisor.


All postdoctoral fellowships awardees are expected to publish their research findings in international peer-reviewed journals/conferences.

The awardee should acknowledge TEC's sponsorship.

Copies of all journals/Conference papers published by the awardee during the fellowship should be submitted to the TEC.

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