List of Indicative Priority Fields of Study (LIPFS)

The List of Indicative Priority Fields of Study (LIPFS) is a guide to all those embarking on further studies. The LIPFS has been prepared since the year 2000 and is being updated by the HEC every 2 years. The LIPFS informs students of areas where the country would need high-level qualified manpower in the future, so that after their studies they hold reasonably good prospects of securing a job in the field in which they have been trained.

The intended purpose of the LIPFS is to reduce mismatch between the demand and supply of graduates in the labour market, minimize the extent of graduates unemployment and underemployment and ensure that there is no shortage of skills in areas deemed to be of vital importance for the country’s socio-economic and cultural development. The List is also used as a major reference for the award of scholarships and for capacity building in human resources at the tertiary level.

The preparation of the LIPFS is overseen by a Working Group chaired by the Executive Director of HEC with representatives from both the public and private sectors. In order to update the LIPFS, information on demand is collected from employers and other sources as well as from the supply side. The LIPFS needs cabinet approval before it is made public.

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