Publicly-Funded Higher Education Institutions in Mauritius

University of Mauritius - UOM

The University of Mauritius (UoM) aspires to be a leading international university, bridging knowledge across continents through excellence and intellectual creativity. The core mission of the University is the creation and dissemination of knowledge and understanding for the citizens of Mauritius and the international community.

Located in the knowledge hub area at Réduit, the UoM is renowned for both its high standard quality education and its green and luscious environment. It is the oldest university on the island. Set up as a developmental university in 1965 to assist in the development of Mauritius, it has nearly half a decade years of expertise in providing students with tertiary education of high level. The University now counts a population of around 12000 students.

Over the years the UoM has progressed to a full-fledged university providing programmes of international standards from degree to post graduate studies and PhDs. The University comprises of 5 Faculties and 3 Centres, namely the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Law and Management, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities, and the Centre of Information Technology and Systems, Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies, and the Centre for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning.

The University has also an active research culture. Academics teaching at the university are engaged in research and provides consultancy services for the nation in their relevant fields of expertise.

The students joining the UOM each year are thus exposed to training programmes and state of art technology which inspires discovery and innovation thus enabling them to enrich their knowledge and participate actively to their self-development and also to contribute to the core mission of the university. Unsurprisingly the country counts amongst its leaders many UoM Alumni.

The University of Technology, Mauritius - UTM

The University of Technology, Mauritius was set up by an Act of Parliament in Year 2000. With a view to providing multi-level tertiary education in diverse disciplines to meet the needs and challenges of Mauritius. In this short span of time, it has developed a number of areas of excellence which range from Sustainable Development Sciences, Health Sciences, Banking and International Finance to Engineering & Information Technology and Tourism and Hospitality Management. UTM is committed to ensuring that students have a fulfilling and intellectually stimulating experience that prepares them for opportunities worldwide. UTM has to date a student population of over 5000.

The Mauritius Institute of Education - MIE

Mauritius Institute of Education was set up in 1973 to engage in Teacher Education, Curriculum Development and Research. It provides in-service and pre-service training for Educators, Managerial and Inspectorate cadres for pre-primary, primary and secondary education. MIE is also responsible for curriculum development for three sectors since 2010 and for writing of textbooks for the primary sector and prevocational education.

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute - MGI

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) was set up by an Act of Parliament which was passed on 23 December 1970 as a joint initiative of the Governments of India and Mauritius. The foundation stone was laid on 3rd June 1970 and was inaugurated on 9 October 1976 by Shrimati Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India.

The MGI accommodates 5 tertiary schools which include School of Indian Studies, School of Performing Arts, School of Fine Arts, School of Mauritian and Area Studies and the School of Indological Studies.

It offers diploma, degree and postgraduate courses in Indian Studies, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Indological Studies and Mauritian and Area Studies.

Moreover, the Institute has 6 secondary schools under its purview located in various parts of the country namely MGI (Moka), MGSS (Moka), MGSS (Flacq), MGSS (Solferino), MGSS (Nouvelle France) and Gandhian Basic School (GBS) which specialises in prevocational education based on Gandhian principles.

The MGI also incorporates the Folk Museum of Indian Immigration, the Auditorim, the Printing Press, the Athitian (Guest House), the Central Administration, the Library and the Language Resource Centre.

The Rabindranath Tagore Institute - RTI

The Rabindranath Tagore Institute was set up, as a corporate body, by the Rabindranath Tagore Institute Act No. 48 of 2002 which was passed on 21 December 2002. The objectives of the Institute are to establish, as a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore, a centre of studies of Indian Culture and Traditions and to promote education and culture generally.

The Institute offers Tertiary level programmes in Film Production, Arts & Crafts and Dramatic Arts. Courses in the following fields are also being run: Yoga, Music (Vocal, Tabla, Harmonium, Guitar) Arts & Crafts.

Open University of Mauritius – OU

The Open University of Mauritius (OU) was established on 12 July 2012 according to the Open University of Mauritius ACT 2010. OU is a Public University with full awarding powers, fostering open and distance learning to enable access to both local and international students. The university is headquartered in Réduit and two more campuses, one at Forest Side and the other at Bel Air, are now functional to meet the expectations of the growing number of learners, which has now exceeded 2000. From Foundation courses and courses in Employability Skills, OU delivers a wide gamut of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, including PhD and DBA. OU has also a number of overseas learners...

Université des Mascareignes - UdM

The Université des Mascareignes (UdM) Act was proclaimed in September 2012. This brand new public university offers an innovative approach to higher education and learning.

The UdM operates three faculties:

  • Faculty of Business and Management
  • Faculty of Sustainable Development and Engineering
  • Faculty of Information and Communication Technology

UdM collaborates with the French university, Université de Limoges, and offers degree courses based on the European and International LMD (Licence, Maitrise, Doctorat) model.

The vision of the university is to become a major player in the field of research in the region whilst having its roots firmly grounded in interdisciplinary learning and teaching.

The Mauritius Institute of Training and Development - MITD

The Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD) was proclaimed and became operational on 16 November 2009. It has taken over the activities of the Industrial and Vocational Training Board and part of the Technical School Management Trust Fund.

Most of the programmes run by the MITD are of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) nature. The programmes are offered on full-time, part-time and apprenticeship modes. They vary from basic to diploma levels and are dispensed to a broad spectrum of audiences.

Mauritius Institute of Health - MIH

The Mauritius Institute of Health (MIH) is a Statutory Body established in 1989 under the MIH Act of 1989 as amended in 2003. It operates as the training and research arm of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, and also acts as the Awarding Body for courses in Health and Social Studies delivered by other registered Training Institutions.

The main activities are:

  • Epidemiological surveys and Health Systems Research.
  • Curriculum development for, and provision of basic and post-basic courses for health practitioners. Postgraduate courses for specialisation in different disciplines of medicine are organised in collaboration with University of Bordeaux 2.
  • Technical corporation with countries of the region in training and research for health sector.

The Fashion and Design Institute - FDI

"The Premier institute in design education in Mauritius"

The Fashion and Design Institute was officially launched in September 2009 with the aim to promote excellence in the field of design education. It was set up by Government to bring together the activities of 2 departments namely the School of Design of the Industrial and Vocational Training Board (1995-2009), and the Textile and Apparel Development Centre of Enterprise Mauritius (1998-2009), with a view to rationalizing resources in this sector and fostering a uniform and a focused development of the fashion industry.

Through a complete course, where theory is taught alongside practice, students learn that creativity is a gift to be nurtured, nourished and stimulated continuously, with passion and dedication.