Institutional Quality Audit Schedule for Publicly Funded Institutions

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) has the responsibility of ensuring and monitoring quality of tertiary education in Mauritius. Publicly funded institutions undergo institutional academic quality audits based on the guidelines contained in the Quality Audit Handbook. The first cycle of audits (5 years) started in 2005 and has been completed in 2010. All the publicly funded tertiary education institutions have been audited and the reports have been posted on the websites of the Commission and of the respective institutions.

In Mauritius, the emphasis is on improvement, and accountability. An academic audit is undertaken for the following purposes:

The schedule for institutional quality audits is given in the table below.

No. Institutions Quality Audit Audit Cycle
1. Mahatma Gandhi Institute May 2019 Third Cycle
2. Université des Mascareignes April 2022 Second Cycle
3. University of Technology Mauritius November 2022 Third Cycle
4. Open University of Mauritius February 2023 Second Cycle
5. University of Mauritius August 2023 Fourth Cycle
6. Mauritius Institute of Education August 2023 Fourth Cycle

Best Practices in Public Institutions

Best Practices in public higher education institutions as identified during Quality Audits: