Services & Support

One of the main objectives of the Centre for Instrumentation Services (CIS) is to establish an efficient outreach service for repairs and maintenance of Scientific Laboratory Instruments and IT equipment in the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Services Offered

A service totally based on curative maintenance is bound to suffer limitations due to lack of documentations and spare parts. Preventive maintenance on the other hand helps to bring down the instances of major damages which are often more expensive to deal with. More emphasis is therefore placed on planning preventive maintenance exercises on a regular basis while providing on-going facilities for curative maintenance.

The services provided by the workshop are inter alia as follows:

  • Repairs of Scientific Laboratory Equipment/Instrument & IT Equipment up to board level
  • Preventive Maintenance of Scientific Laboratory Equipment/Instrument & IT Equipment
  • Troubleshooting of Local Area Networks (LAN)
Our workshop

The CIS houses a fully equipped workshop with Signal Generators, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Counters and PCB fabrication equipment. The workshop consists of both Information Technology and Electronic workbenches for on-site repair and has technical expertise in servicing most types of electronic equipment and computer equipment. It is also able to build custom pieces of equipment and software for research and development.


Till now, repairs have successfully been effected on around 1590 scientific laboratory equipment and 4800 IT equipment. The range of Scientific Laboratory Instruments attended includes amongst others pH meters, electronic balances, autoclaves, incubators and also more sophisticated equipment like spectrophotometers, spectrofluorometers and gas chromatographs.