Recognition and Equivalence of Postsecondary Educational Qualifications


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has the statutory responsibility to determine the recognition and equivalence of academic or professional qualification at the postsecondary education level obtained in or outside Mauritius.

What is recognition and equivalence of qualifications?

Recognition of qualifications is a process of formally acknowledging the appropriateness of a certain qualification for a specific purpose including enabling the qualification holder to access further and/or higher educational, and/or employment activities.

Equivalence of qualifications on the other hand is a process of formally establishing as to whether two or more qualifications are equal or deemed to be equal or comparable in value.

Guideline for submission of application for recognition and equivalence

For the recognition/equivalence of postsecondary educational qualifications, an applicant should submit the following to the HEC:

The applicant may also submit any other documents certifying his or her education, including those related to qualifications for professional activities, practical training, etc. All the documents must be accompanied by certified translations, if required.

The applicant should submit the application in person at the HEC during office hours and produce originals of the qualifications for which recognition/equivalence are being sought. The officer of the HEC receiving the application would verify the originals and certify the copies and return the original to the applicant with acknowledgement of receipt of the application. The applicant should effect the necessary payment according to the established fees by the HEC.

When necessary, the HEC may require additional information and materials from the applicant.

The applicant should ensure that the application submitted is complete at the moment of submission. If the application is not complete, the HEC will within 2 weeks provide the applicant with clear information on the missing documents to be supplied before considering the case.

Processing of Applications

When processing the application, the following matters will be taken into consideration:

Greater attention will be paid to the acquired knowledge, learning outcomes and skills than to differences in curricula and to methods of teaching.

The decision to recognise or to give equivalence for the qualification may also be based on international agreements and conventions on recognition matters, to which Mauritius is a signatory, or on intergovernmental or bilateral agreements or exchange programmes, or on a precedent.

The application for recognition/equivalence will be examined individually by the HEC in alignment with the National Qualification framework.


Within two months of receipt of the complete application and supporting documents, the applicant will be informed of the decision of the HEC.

There are two possible decisions which the HEC can take:

  1. It may recognise the qualifications, and/or give equivalence
  2. It may reject the application.

In case of decision (b), the HEC will clearly state the reasons for its decision. In the event that the applicant decides to appeal against the decision, an application should be lodged within 14 days of the receipt of the decision specifying the decision being appealed, the grounds for appeal and the remedy being sought. The application will be considered anew by an Appeal Committee set up by the HEC Board. The decision of the Appeal Committee shall be final.