Workshop on Preventive Maintenance of Scientific Laboratory Equipment – June 2009

The workshop on Preventive Maintenance of Scientific Laboratory Equipment, organised by the CIS, was held from the 3rd to 5th June 2009 at the Lecture Theatre II, University of Mauritius. The opening ceremony was performed by Dr. P.Mohadeb, Executive Director, TEC. The resource persons were Prof. A. M. Narsale, Director of Western Regional Instrumentation Centre (WRIC), India and Mr. D.K.Seeruttun, Head Centre for Instrumentation Services, HEC. 88 participants from 15 institutions/ministerial departments attended the workshop.

The aim of this Workshop was to ensure better upkeep of instruments and equipment in scientific laboratories. A service totally based on curative maintenance is bound to suffer limitations due to lack of documentations and spare parts. Preventive maintenance on the other hand helps to bring down the instances of major damages which are often more expensive to deal with. More emphasis should therefore be placed on developing in-house capabilities for preventive maintenance while providing on-going facilities for curative maintenance. The workshop included both theoretical and practical/demonstration sessions and covered some most commonly used laboratory equipment

The topics covered were as follows:

The lectures and practicals covered the types of faults which may occur in any instrument, the basic procedures to be followed in preventive maintenance of various types of instruments, electrical safety etc. Focus was made on the basic principle of these instruments, their correct usage and operation, the procedure for preventive maintenance and tips for the troubleshooting or fault-finding.

The workshop ended with an interactive discussion session where participants discussed about some of the major problems they encounter in the maintenance of instruments in their respective institutions. This was mutually beneficial to all present.